Unser Debating Club wird nächste Woche das erste Mal in der

Junior League Debating antreten.


The Motion for Round 1 – JL (Ba-Wü):

“This house believes that sportsmen have ceased to be good role models”.

National Final Dates Announced

The national Junior League finals will take place between 26th and 29th April 2012 at the Jugendherberge Würzburg. This will be DSG’s second visit to the hostel in 2012 and we are grateful to the administrators for permitting two debating competitions there in one year!

The 6 best teams from around the country will compete against each other over the 3 days and the winner selected after the Grand Final on the 29th. Preliminaries will take place in the individual states.

Ich bin ja mal gespannt. Vom Finale träumen müssen wir natürlich nicht. Bisher weiß ich noch nicht mal ob genug Schüler mitkommen… Wer schon immer mal wissen wollte, wie Debating funktioniert:

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