Aktion Klima




And sorry guys, this is cool – I love the BBC:)


At 14:23 3rd Dec 2010, Dwight from Cleveland wrote:

In a different debate about the US economy, I recently made this example that works for climate change as well. Imagine you are on a cruise ship going around the world. Every port, the occupants file off, go ashore, and bring back stuff. This has gone on so long that the ship not only looks cluttered, but the weight of the “stuff” is destabilizing and sinking the ship. Everybody agrees that some of the stuff needs to go overboard. But nobody is willing to volunteer their stuff. So people argue over what stuff should go, people still keep brining stuff on at every port, and the ship keeps sinking.

The western countries are aggressively promoting and encouraging, other countries to grow. However, in order for an economy to grow, and free enterprises democracies to “emerge” they require energy. Lots of energy in today’s global market. So one side of our mouth modernized countries says to the emerging culture “grow” and evolve. But on the other side we don’t want to allow them the energy that they need to do that. In the mean time all of those countries that are “modernized” are on economic systems that require continuous growth. We must stay ahead of each other. Doing so requires massive amounts of energy. So, who is going to change? What large group of people is going to say, “You know what. We are going to shrink our economy, reduce our populations, and cut our luxury energy needs.” We here in the US seem to feel entitled to consume until we sink the ship.

Then you have people who no matter what evidence is presented, will refuse to accept the world is not flat. There is no changing the “Believing mind”.

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